East Lansing and campus are generally safe places—just make sure you use common sense. During the evening, the well-lit streets of downtown East Lansing are generally safe. However, it is not recommendable to be walking on campus alone at night or in darker places, so take the basic precaution of not walking alone at night on campus.

Theft does occur on campus, most often because people leave their rooms unlocked or their bags/computers unattended. Please watch your valuables as you would in any large city.

Emergency Alerts

Once FLTAs have their MSU netids and are in-country, we STRONGLY recommend that all FLTAs sign up for the Emergency Alert system at MSU:

Medical Emergency (See also Health page)

•In a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

•Go to McLaren Hospital after calling 911.

•Contact Danielle

Safety or Fire Emergency

MSU Police and Public Safety

•24 Hour Emergency Service Dial 911

•(517) 355-2221 Business Line

Severe Weather Alerts