The Basics


While you are here, you will audit* 2 classes per semester. The program requires a minimum of 2 courses per semester, but we recommend
starting with 2 courses and 1 backup in the event you wish to drop a course.  (If you only sign up for 2, then you can’t drop either.)


Right now, the system is set so you can only audit the courses you take at MSU, but we are trying to change that so that you will have a choice. The coordinator will keep you updated on whether the change will take effect for Fall semester.

Remember that to audit a class means that you will attend regularly and actively participate in the class, but you will not receive a grade for the class. You may ask your professors to write you a letter describing your participation and performance in the class at the end of the semester. Attendance and participation are required! (You will also get a certificate from us that lists your courses.)


Course numbers are generally:  100 Freshman (First year), 200 Sophomore (Second year), 300-400 junior and senior (3rd and 4th year), 800 graduate-level.  You can take classes at any level, just recognize that the lower level classes are much larger and usually have much younger students.  Higher level classes are smaller (and limited) and are more demanding in the work.  For classes in your field, we recommend the higher level.


Fulbright does NOT count online courses or non-academic courses (such as dance, music, sports, etc) We urge caution when choosing a language course due to the heavy time demands.  Many FLTAs here have found that it was too difficult to keep up in these courses.  You will also not be allowed to take any ESL courses or writing courses due to the way our system works.


The Process


We are currently working on a new process for courses. The steps will be updated here as we develop them.

  1. Review the courses you can choose from on the next page. You will email Danielle with the courses that you are interested in taking within 2 weeks of your match. You must be sure that the courses do NOT overlap with each other or with your teaching duties.  (Some of you may not know your exact teaching/work schedule, but do the best you can.)



• You are not allowed to add a course after classes start, so we often recommend that you begin with 2 courses plus 1 backup.


• If you wish to drop a course, you must complete the drop request form and submit it to your primary supervisor (Danielle Steider) for permission. All FLTAs must take at least 2 courses per semester, so under no circumstances will an FLTA be able to drop a course if he/she is only taking 2 courses. Each FLTA must take 1 American studies course out of the 4 courses they will take during their time here. We strongly recommend taking that course in the fall semester.


If you aren’t sure, just email Danielle with your questions, and she will try to help you choose.