We are looking forward to working with you this coming year. This webpage is to help the new FLTAs as you all prepare to come to MSU in August. Check here regularly for updates.

To Do: Incoming FLTAs

• Review the website and get to know what information is available on these pages. After you review the site, check your knowledge with this quiz.

• Once you have signed your Terms of Award, email the FLTA Coordinator/Supervisor, Danielle to get more information about what to do in preparation.

• Send Danielle a photo of yourself and complete the biography form to put on the webpage. 

• Email Danielle your course choices and at least one backup by June 15, 2024.

•Make travel arrangements to arrive at LANSING anytime on August 11th, 2024. Please do NOT arrive before or after the 11th. See the Travel page on this website for more information.

•Join the Facebook group for the MSU FLTAs:

General information

One of the most important questions you have is probably: ‘What will it be like living here?  Here are some links and information to give you a taste of living at MSU.

Please note:  MSU is now tobacco-free –that means there will be no smoking allowed anywhere on MSU campus.  From Owen, it is a very short walk to get off-campus if you need to smoke.  From Wells, it is a longer walk. If you have concerns, please contact the coordinator.

MSU has 47,000 students.  The main campus is roughly 21Km.  Check out the official website and the campus map